Independent Sales Consultant – Membership Director

$65,000 - $200,000 yearly
  • Remote
  • Feb 05, 2021
Contractor Broker - Sales

Job Description

Independent Sales Consultant – Membership Director

We are a leader in the business-to-business barter industry brokering over 25,000 transactions per year between members.  VIATRADE Barter provides a unique platform for small business owners to counter the takeover of big box stores and unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19. VIATRADE facilitates trade activity between business owners. VIATRADE is a barter bank and marketing company combined.

What we are looking for:

VIATRADE is looking for Independent Sales Consultants interested in working for themselves as a Membership Director. Membership Director’s seek out and open new VIATRADE barter bank accounts. As a Membership Director you will contact small business owners, in whatever fashion your personal skills are best used; to present the immediate benefits of opening an account with VIATRADE. Our members are guaranteed a 25% increase in sales, first year.

We know how hard it can be to find a legitimate independent job these days. One that allows you the flexibility to enjoy your life, while still earning a great income. A job where you are not being micro-managed, and your efforts and successes truly get noticed. The fact is, nowadays sometimes you have to create these types of opportunities for yourself. More and more university graduates are becoming entrepreneurs rather than competing with hordes of other candidates looking for the very same jobs and if you are a mature individual, who has been the victim of downsizing or similar, this is the perfect opportunity to cash in on your experience.  In most cases, companies with decent job postings are receiving hundreds, if not thousands of resumes in response.  Many people get frustrated when they never hear back on the seemingly endless number of resumes, they have sent.

Who this is perfect for? Basically, those with any of the following skills:

  • Those with previous successful inside or outside sales experience
  • Those who connect well with others by phone or know how to network for lead generation.
  • Those who are internet wizards and can use online resources to cold call, present ideas.
  • Those who are very effective communicators with strong language assets.

Compensation – Average $65,000-$150,000 K per year but sky is the limit! No caps.

Membership Director’s are offered a very rich commission package that includes high weekly payouts, so you are not waiting on commissions and residual commissions on your book of business. Once you register an account is becomes “your account” and you will be paid an upfront fee and a percentage of the fees associated ongoing, on all of your accounts.  The more clients in your book of business the higher the commissions every year.

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